Mrs. Isaacs:
I would like to thank you for allowing me to spend the day with Mackenzie on Friday. I found the school and staff very welcoming. There were two things that I was very surprisingly impressed with
The Veteran’s Program was second to none. I have never seen a school show their gratitude for veterans in such a wholesome and sincere manner.
The young men and women in your care are truly impressive. While walking your school or sitting in Mackenzie’s classes, I was astonished at the respect the students had shown throughout the day and in their appearance toward adults.
All the speakers kept telling the students that they needed to remember the veterans. What I saw in the videos and in the bleachers, Clay County has definitely stepped up and answered the call that America has asked of her. The rest of the country has an extremely high bar set by Clay County to achieve.
Thank you for letting me see and restoring my faith in America’s Youth. If the rest of the USA is half as squared away as the youth of Clay County, the United States has a bright future.

Robert Langman (father and teacher at CCHS)