OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAH.E. White Elementary School students, staff and parents would like to graciously thank J-Wood Contracting LLC for their generous donation to our school! As Partners in Education with H.E. White Elementary, J-Wood Contracting LLC’s donation will help our students achieve academic success! Through positive incentive programs, reward programs and community involvement, their partnership will greatly help to increase our students’ academic accomplishments and progress. Many of our programs to target personalized learning and student reward incentives would not have been possible without their abundant contribution to our school.
The essential components of SPL (support for personalized learning) are family and community partnerships. When families, schools and communities work together, children are more successful and schools improve. The owners of J-Wood Contracting LLC, Eric Jackson and Bill Kirk, were very passionate and supportive about helping the students at H.E. White Elementary School. It is with sincere gratitude that we want to thank J-Wood Contracting LLC!