All of the students and parents with Lizemore Elementary who attended on Monday, March 5. (All photo credits Holly Nine)

During the State-wide teacher ‘walkout,’ some teachers have still been trying to teach their students.

Last Monday, Lizemore Elementary students from several different classes gathered at the Clay County Courthouse to show their support for their teachers and to explore the Court House. Even though they are just youngsters, they still understand that their teachers teach them many things, and that they are important for their education and growth as they go through life. Students then enjoyed a tour of the court house, getting to see the court room, the jury room, the judge’s chambers and the holding cell. Thanks go to Mike Asbury for the tour so kindly given to the students.

Also, a heart-felt thank you to the teachers who work countless hours for their students. Even when there is no school, teachers still care about their students and have been graciously helping to provide food to students, not only in Clay County but throughout the state. Teachers aren’t just teachers at school, they are teachers through life. School is just a designated time, but that doesn’t mean teachers stop teaching and caring when school hours are not in session.

BOE member Susan Bodkins, H.E. White Elementary Principal Jamela Krajeski and retired Clay County Employee Bunny Taylor.
All of the students that attended the court house tour with Mike Asbury.
Students exploring the court room when they first arrived.