All CCHS students and staff who had a part in the Tiny House project. Holly Nine photo
Trey Barker, his mom Sheri Barker, and CCHS teacher Julie Greenlee inside the Tiny House. Holly Nine photo
Lindsay Schoolcraft, Brian Holcomb, Julie Greenlee, Trey Crowell, Trey Barker, Sheri Barker, Robert Morris, John Brown, Melinda Isaacs, Misty Legg, and Kelsey Flynn. Holly Nine photo

Last fall, the Clay County Free Press ran an article on a Tiny House project the vocational students at the high school were working on.

The project, and all that was involved, has been a priority for the vocational department for many more reasons than just to complete the project. The Tiny House has been set to be donated to a family in need that was affected by the floods last June.

Our CTE Companies that worked on the Tiny House were: Mrs. Schoolcraft, CCHS Memorial; Ms. Flinn, Clay Builders & Welders; Mr. Holcomb, Elk River Building Co.; Mr. Brown, Mountain State Electric; Mr. Corwell, Panther Tech; Mrs. Legg, Panther Food Service & Panther Future Educators; Mrs. Hubbard, CTE Enterprises; Mrs. Greenlee, CTE Enterprises; Amron Trusses, Armstrong Commercial Flooring; WV Metal Wholesale, Inc.; Pugh Furniture Warehouse Showrooms; Lowes, Skills USA for a $25,000 grant.

The Tiny House was worked on countless hours by students, staff and volunteers to be able to be donated. Trey Barker, a student at CCHS, and his mother, Sheri, were victims of the flood last June and have been living in deplorable conditions since then. This new home for them will make the heartache and the worry a little less.

All of this has been made possible with the help of Christ Burkhammer, Brian Greenlee, Kevin Isaacs, Randy Cantrell, Mahalia Cantrell and Allen Tanner, as well as everyone mentioned above. Thank you to everyone who helped out, the job could not of been completed without each and every volunteer, donator, student, staff members, etc.