By Betty Gandee

Who doesn’t like boutique style clothing and accessories?

What you would usually need to travel to Charleston or surrounding areas to shop for, you can now find right here in our great county.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Whitney Sampson about this quaint little shop in Newton that her and her mother, Terry Duffield, recently opened.

When asked what motivated them to open such a unique shop, Whitney explained that it was all spiritually led.  She expressed that they had initially started out with only the interest in an online style shop, but God saw fit to turn their dreams into something much bigger. That then the desire grew into an entire store, which would require them both to step out on faith and trust in God’s plan.

With both Whitney and Terry having social anxiety, purchasing a building, creating an entire business from the ground up and realizing that this business would depend solely on lots of social interaction, they realized this would be a step way out of their comfort zone. She believes it is a little harder running a small-town business rather than in a city location.  The foot traffic is a little slower but the relationships they make with their customers are much more rewarding.  It’s a slower pace which leaves room for more laid-back conversations when individuals come in to shop.  They believe that they have built relationships where they couldn’t have in a busier location.

The pair have kept their faith in stating that it requires a lot of prayer and that when God calls, he also provides.  They say the journey hasn’t been an easy one, but that they have reaped the blessings over and over again and this experience has changed them from the inside-out.  These ladies are here to help women be their most confident self.  Women are amazing individuals and worth celebrating every day.  So, let’s dress for the occasion.

Sassy Hattie’s is located at 238 Cut off Run Rd. Newton WV, 304-565-7048

Sassy Hattie’s specializes in women’s clothing, jewelry, beauty supplies, makeup. They also sell some household décor, pillowcases, books and other knickknacks.