Some time ago I was asked by a reader what the title of “Salt & Sonshine” meant. That is a good a good question and it has been a long time since I explained what it meant.

When we began the series several years ago I believe it was God that gave me the title to use.  What does it mean?  Salt is a preservative and has several uses.  It provides healing as well as flavor.  When applied to a wound it can produce considerable pain.  Although the pain is not pleasant the results of being healed is wonderful.  Sometimes God’s Word can be used as a preservative to keep you on course instead of straying off on some man’s doctrine or theology.  It may even be painful because it alerts us to what God expects of us and moves us away from the world’s temptations.  When we apply what God says His Word will heal many wounds.

Sonshine? No, it is not spelled wrong. Jesus is the light of the world and when we look to Him He will bring us to the light.  Even in the darkest night when we look to Jesus, He will show us the way.  The Sonshine Jesus makes available to us will expose the hidden snares and traps the devil will try to use to deceive us and cause us to walk in fear instead of faith.  Jesus not only fulfilled the Word, He is the Word.  He spoke the Word, demonstrated the Word, acted on the Word and lived the Word.  You cannot separate the Word from Jesus and you cannot separate Jesus from the Word.  They compliment and confirm one another.  Together they show us the heart and will of God.

Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, call him what you will is the enemy of God.  He will do all he can to keep you from believing, understanding and walking in the light of God’s Word. He uses demons, people and theology to confuse, confound and destroy. In today’s society the movie industries, the music industries and even the clothing industries are doing all they can to promote evil, darkness and demonic activities. Satanism is alive and thriving but it is not well.  It’s end is near.  Jesus is coming just like the Bible declares.  John 10:10 is exactly the way it is.  It enables you to make your own choice.  Read it for yourself. “Joh 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Now decide for yourself.  The thief is the devil and he is not picky.  He will steal, kill or destroy you.  You were made in the image of God and he hates you.  He will steal your peace, joy, health.  He will kill your reputation, hope, prosperity.  He will destroy your relationships, families, happiness. He will use “The Living Dead” or heavy metal music or drugs or low self esteem to take you down. God loves you and sent Jesus to die in your place. Still, it is your choice. You can choose today, now, but perhaps not tomorrow. Read John 3:15, 16.  Believe it.