Helen Traugh and Mike McCoy, representatives of the Braxton Historical Society, were guests at the recent monthly meeting of the Elk River Chapter DAR.  Mike McCoy explained that the oldest existing fort resides in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  The fort has been dismantled, cataloged and cleaned under the direction of an archaeologist from Kentucky.  Mike then spoke briefly about the Braxton County Historical Society and its efforts to preserve local history for future generations. He introduced Helen Traugh, stating that she has been president of the Braxton Historical Society for the past 30 years.  He went on to say that the society meets at Helen’s house because there is no building available.  They would like to have access to a building in the future in which the artifacts could be cataloged and stored in safety for public viewing and research.
Both Helen Traugh and Mike McCoy were awarded certificates by Ruth Mooney, Regent of the Elk River Chapter of DAR, in recognition of their work toward preserving our history.
The next regular meeting of the Elk River Chapter DAR will be held on Sunday the 17th of November @ 2:00 pm in the back room of the Gassaway Public Library. November is American Indian Heritage month.  If you are a descendant of a Revolutionary War Veteran, and have an interest in becoming a DAR member, you are encouraged to contact Regent Ruth Mooney at 304-765-7478 or DAR.mooney765@yahoo.com.