The West Virginia House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources has approved a raw milk bill, referring it onto the House Committee Health and Human Resources. The bill would allow owners of cows to receive and sell raw milk, which is currently illegal.

Maria Moles, owner of Meadow Branch Farm in Clay County was at the state house this week, supporting the passing of the raw milk bill. “I passionately believe in providing people with a good healthy food and I believe fresh milk is a God given healthy food.” Moles says.

The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health contends that raw milk consumption is hazardous due to the bacteria and other germs found in the milk. Ann Goldberg, with the Public Health Bureau, says there is no new evidence to show that raw milk is safe for public consumption. The WV Department of Agriculture is remaining neutral on the subject.

Moles says they are preparing at their farm in case the bill is successfully passed.