JIm Samples, Prosecuting Attorney and Mrs. Burdette's 5th grade classWednesday, October 30, 2013, the Fifth Grade Class of Lizemore Elementary School partook in a question and answer session with a guest speaker. The Honorable Jim Samples, Prosecuting Attorney for Clay County, visited the class to answer questions about the court system.
The students in Mrs. Rebekah Holcomb’s class had learned about the court system through study of The WALS (Wheeling Academy of Law and Science) Foundation Mock Trial Program. The program ensures students in fifth grade learn through role playing in a courtroom setting about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.
Mrs. Holcomb’s students learned about and gladly assumed the roles of lawyers, witnesses, jurors, bailiffs, clerks, defendants, and more, based on factual case scenarios. Mr. Samples had agreed to undertake the role of judge. However, due to a scheduling conflict he could not. In his place, Mrs. Tina Burnette, Principal of Lizemore Elementary, took on the role of judge.
Mr. Samples kindly agreed to a question and answer session with the students in order to further their knowledge of the workings of our civil and criminal justice system. Students worked hard on inquiring questions concerning the court system and the prosecuting attorney’s job. Mr. Samples held his own in the tough line of questioning and graciously answered all the questions posed. The Fifth Grade Class, Mrs. Holcomb, and Mrs. Burnette would like to once again, thank The Honorable Jim Samples, Prosecuting Attorney, for taking time out of his very busy schedule and visiting our class and school.