Powell's Mountain GoatBy Erica Kearns
A legend in itself, the Powell’s Mountain goat has wondered the hillside alone Route 19 for many years. In the community of Summersville and the towns surrounding it, most people have heard of this famous animal. Many motorists have spotted the goat, stopping along the highway to watch him graze. He has, however, eluded many passersby, leading them to believe the stories of the Powell’s Mountain goat are only a tale. In fact, after several trips through the area without a goat sighting, my own husband declared the goat was purely fictional, arguing that he didn’t exist. Until a recent trip through the area…he finally appeared! Making a grand appearance, a dirty white coat and one broken horn adorned this beast as he scaled the coaly hillside in search of lunch. The myth was finally debunked. If you are travelling across Powell’s Mountain and see this elusive animal, stop and take a picture as the Powell’s Mountain goat is very photogenic. He now has his own Facebook page for travelers to share pictures and sightings – how famous is that?!