PotholesAs most drivers in the county know, especially those who travel to Ivydale, sections of Route 4 are almost impassible due to the severity of potholes in the road. In rough condition for several years now, the harsh winter has worsened the condition of the black top to an unbelievable degree. If you leave Clay and drive towards Ivydale on Route 4, take heed to the “Rough Road” sign as you approach possibly the worst section of main highway in West Virginia. Senator Sam Cann visited the area this week and could not believe his eyes. The need of repairs for this stretch of road has persistently been brought to the attention of our elected leaders by many business owners and residents. After months of fighting to bring attention to the road, resolution is finally on its way. While in town, Senator Cann announced that within a few weeks, you will begin to see road crews working on that very stretch of road above Two Run, repaving and widening the road as they go. Thanks to our Senators and Delegates, the much needed pavement will soon make the drive North much safer and enjoyable.