Published On: Wed, Feb 5th, 2014

Panthers Still King of the Hill

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Tyler Stewart aligns a spine with a cowboy move.

Tyler Stewart aligns a spine with a cowboy move.

The 2014 Bob Stover Classic is in the history books wrestling fans, and the Panthers are still #1. I sit here at the keyboard and wonder to myself, “What am I going to write to describe the Bob Stover Classic wrestling tournament? What can you say that would duplicate the thrill of victory and the agony of knowing that you simply cannot come into the Panther den and whip them out?” Wrestling teams from around the state came and tried to take the home team down, and it took some great wrestling by the Panthers to hold their ground.

All nine of the Panthers placed in the top three. They are Jack Cummings – 1st, RJ Coleman – 3rd, Shawn Mollohan – 2nd, Robert Pritt – 1st, Austin Dobbins – 3rd, Ryan Stewart – 2nd, Tyler Stewart – 1st, Jacob Hopkins – 4th, Brandon White – 2nd, and Wyatt Dawson – 2nd. It was a fine piece of wrestling displayed by the Panthers; they knew they had to win by pins because of the shortage of wrestlers – it was the only way. They did it in style.

RJ Coleman came into this tournament never having reached the podium, but after a gut wrenching display of wrestling he placed third. Tyler Stewart came on board the team late in the season and showed he hadn’t lost his edge by whipping the competition like a machine. Congratulations also to Jack Cummings and Robert Pritt on a fine display of wrestling and taking home the gold. Wrestling can be said to be neither pain nor pleasure, but serious business that is to be entered upon with courage and in a spirit of self-sacrifice. Your CCHS Panthers did just that. If your heart wasn’t pumped to a feverish pitch then you need to check into a hospital and get checked out because you may not have one. The Panthers only have two tournaments before the State Championship.

The next challenge will be the LKC Tournament at Ritchie County followed by the Regional Competition at Calhoun County. So, if you get the chance come out and support the team in their bid for a championship. Thanks to coaching great Bob Stover and his First Lady of Wrestling Rosella Stover for gracing the arena with their presence. Also, a big pat on the back goes out to those who supplied the hospitality banquet for the event, it was indeed some of the best cooking around.