Published On: Wed, Aug 27th, 2014

Panthers scrimmage the Bison of Buffalo

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Alex Grose with the quick release.

Alex Grose with the quick release.

The Clay High Panthers played at home again this week in a scrimmage against the always tough Bison team from Buffalo Putnam. The Panthers knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they took care of business. The regular season will open this Friday night on the road against the Raiders of Roane. So this opportunity to square off against the Bison is the final time they would have a chance to hone their game skills before it becomes official record.

The Panthers took the fight to the Bison with speed and the willingness to splinter pads. The Panthers, all around, look like a well oiled unit who want to play some football and take the pig to market. The Varsity squad is a little lighter this season; however, this will be key to the Panther offense and defense. They are super fast, like ants on honey when it comes to tackling and are as tough as they come. Offensively, the Panthers are well rounded – they can run, protect, and get the ball down the field. Roane always has a tough team, but the Panthers are very physical, they give as well as they take. They will be ready, it will be a good game and you won’t want to miss it.