Makalya Horrocks being crowned by Principal Melinda Issacs. Allen Hamrick photo

Thursday was Homecoming night for the Panthers, and the boys were to battle the Red Devils of Calhoun in front of their queen and her court.

The game went well for the Panthers until the final period. With 1:43 to go in the game, the Panthers lost their momentum on defense and allowed the Red Devils to sink three pointers to catch up.  With mere seconds remaining, the Red Devils sank a basket and went ahead by one point, and the Panthers couldn’t retaliate.

It was a well played game by the Panthers, as they scored 23 points in the third period. Isaac Workman was ace with 20 points.

Thursday night was also the time to crown the 2017 Basketball Homecoming Queen of CCHS.  The CCHS band and cheerleaders, dressed in their finest, got busy lining up in formation to welcome the new queen to the court and her cheering fans.

Newly crowned queen Makayla Horrocks, with a smile that would melt steel and a dress that must have come from Coco Chanel’s personal collection, gracefully accepted her crown from CCHS principal Malinda Issacs. She will no doubt be a queen that represents the school well.

John Ross Carroll escorted the new queen across the court with the class of Jimmy Stewart.  The queen’s crown bearer was Aubrey Truman and her escort was Silas Corwell.

Congratulations to Queen Horrocks and the rest of her court. Freshman Princess was Ally Cottrell and her escort was Caleb Burdette. Sophomore Princess was Alyssa Helms with escort Issac Cayton.  Junior Princess was Alexis Cavendar with escort Randy Singleton. Senior Princess was Alexis Belt with escort Seth Stover.

Senior Princess Alexis Belt and escort Seth Stover. Allen Hamrick photo
Freshman Princess Ally Cottrell and escort Caleb Burdette. Allen Hamrick photo
Sophomore Princess Alyssa Helms and escort Issac Cayton. Allen Hamrick photo
Junior Princess Alexis Cavendar and escort Randy Singleton. Allen Hamrick photo