Well, what can be said about the game Friday night against Ritchie County? It is hard to put into words just what in the world happened. Yes, Ritchie wanted revenge from last year’s loss to the Panthers on their home field, and they came to Clay prepared. There was again a ton of mistakes by the Panthers, costing them yards they couldn’t afford to give up against Ritchie. This I will say, I took 1100 pictures at the game, and in not one picture was there a time that the Panthers weren’t giving it all they had. It was a hard hitting game and tensions were high as one could see from the amount of personal fouls that were called. It seemed as though as soon as the Panthers gained a first down or had a great play it would be called back because of a penalty. It was a tough game to say the least. Hopefully, before this season gets to far gone, the bugs will get worked out and the bleeding will stop for the Panthers. They are a great team with tons of talent. I take nothing away from them; they played a hard game and gave it a 100 percent but mistakes plagued them. No doubt they will be back again next week against Valley who is also very tough this season. The Panthers scored three touchdowns in the game but it wasn’t enough as Ritchie racked up the points. In the end it was Ritchie outscoring the Panthers 47-21.