Winter has arrived and is playing havoc with sporting events this new year. Basketball has come to a standstill with schools being closed. However, the weather did not stop the Pat Vance Invitational wrestling tournament. The Panthers took to the highway on Friday and Saturday and turned the wrestling mats upside down. The wrestlers from Clay were in the building and other teams were talking smack. It didn’t make any difference, though; the Panthers took care of business.

The team is still short some wrestlers due to injury, but hopefully they will be in full swing by this weekend at the Armory in Summersville. This was the first bracketed tournament of the year for the Panthers, and they did pretty well considering their lack of a full team.

“Mad Jack” Cummings took first place, Brandon “White Python” White took third, Robert “Speedy” Pritt took fourth, and Ryan Stewart took fifth. Not bad, not bad at all. The National Guard Duals will begin on Friday evening at 5:00 and will continue on Saturday morning with the matches starting at 10:00.

Basketball will be on the docket once again with the Panthers at home this week against Sissonville and Braxton County on Wednesday and Friday nights. The Lady Panthers will be on the road against Roane and Wirt Counties. The Lady Mustangs will hit the road against Glade and will be back home on Thursday night against Braxton. The Mustangs will play at Glade this week. Get on out and support the teams, and let everyone know you survived the cold snap.