The Clay County Panther wrestling team was on the road at East Fairmont High School to face some of the toughest competition of the year at the East Fairmont Duals tournament. Twenty one teams faced off against each other, and the Panthers took on ten of those teams winning six of those ten meetings. The Panthers did some great wrestling considering they are giving up 24 points before they even start the match due to a smaller team. With some of the weight classes without wrestlers on the Panther team, they are at a definite handicap.

That being said, the wrestlers that represent CCHS give it a hundred percent, and considering the caliber of wrestlers at this event they did pretty well. Case in point – Brandon “White Python” White went undefeated, as did Jack “Mad Jack” Cummings. It should also be noted that Brandon stomped the top ranked AA wrestler in the state at 195lbs. Mad Jack Cummings beat the second ranked AA wrestler in the state at 105lbs and did it in style by pinning him in 21 seconds. The team has done quite well despite the fact most have apparently given up on them as evidenced by the handful of fans that showed up in support of the team. However, those fans are the fuel that drives the wrestlers to greatness. All the boys did well, and coming out of this tournament 6-4 is pretty good stuff with a five wrestler deficit. They will be on the road once again at the Pat Vance Invitational at Nitro on Friday and Saturday, January 3rd and 4th, 2014. Once again, if you get the chance, come out and support them. The wrestling team is alive and well and doing a great job of upholding this Clay County’s great wrestling heritage.