The CCHS JV football team was the last to face off against the Braxton Eagles this past week. Not to be outdone, the JV Panthers came into the game with a score to settle. The call of the wild came from deep inside the line of the JV Panthers as grunts and growls could be heard from twenty yards away. Their defensive push was like a bulldozer; most of the Braxton line caved in under the pressure and found themselves going end over appetite backwards. With this type of defense, the JV Eagles couldn’t get the ball rolling their way, and even their air show was shut down with great coverage from the JV Panther back field. On the other hand, the Panthers’ running game was second to none. With a great depth of runners, the Panthers were hitting them from all directions and kept the coaching staff of the Eagles guessing where they were coming from. The game ended in a win for the JV Panthers by the score of 28-6. You want to see some football played like it should be played with raw emotion, go to a JV game. You will not be disappointed.