Your CWVAC Champions – Lady Mustangs. Photo courtesy of Dwayne Cottrell.

The Lady Mustang cheerleaders have done it! The Ladies have proven that the CCMS cheer squad is the best by capturing the coveted CWVAC championship trophy. Last year’s loss left a bitter taste in their mouths but put a determination in their moves. Some of the girls moved on and others stepped up to the challenge to make history once again, but you expect nothing less from Clay County Middle School. Because of the performance of the Lady Mustangs, competitions from this point forward will have to be top notch and without penalties to overthrow their reign.

All-Conference winners- Ava Taylor and Chesney Boggs. Photo courtesy of Carol Taylor.
All-Tournament winners- Ava Taylor and Sarah Ligeralde. Photo courtesy of Carol Taylor.

The other teams did very well but needed to bring their A+ game to outperform the Mustang cheer squad. When the tumbling was over and the glitter had settled, others’ routines just weren’t enoughWith nerves tighter than banjo strings, the Lady Mustangs strode onto the court with their heads held high, and, in Lady Mustang cheerleading fashion, cheered, flipped, twirled, stunted, lifted and danced their way into CWVAC history to win the 2017 competition. The Lady Mustangs have the bragging rights once again of being the best. Nobody does it better than the CCMS cheerleaders, and they have the trophy to prove it.

Congratulations to Ava Taylor and Chesney Boggs for grabbing the All-Conference award and to Ava Taylor and Sarah Ligeralde for receiving the All-Tournament award. Congratulations to the coaches and all those in the background that helped make this team who they are. Congratulations to the Lady Mustangs on a great performance and for proving that the competitive spirit at Clay County Middle School is second to none.

Final scores were CCMS – 218.5, Braxton – 194, Summersville – 168.4, Walton – 145.8, Ravenswood – 109.1 and Richwood –  95.3.