The West Virginia Department of Health and HumanResources (WV DHHR) is currently in need of Adult Family Care homes that can provide a loving, caring environment for aged and disabled adults.

The Adult Family Care (AFC) program provides for adults, who need and desire the support, protection and security of family living. This offers them the opportunity to live within a family unit where they can function individually.

An Adult Family Care provider must be responsible person at least 21 years of age, who is financially independent prior to entering the program. The provider may receive payment for providing supervision and care for no more than three adults. DHHR provides all training, at no cost, to interested applicants. The provider’s home must also receive approval for safety standards from DHHR before adults can be placed in their care.

For more information about becoming an Adult Family Care Provider, please contact your local DHHR or Adult Family Care Homefinding specialist: Karen Thompson, Mercer County 304-425-8738 or Kelly Morris, Braxton County 304-765-07344 ext. 162.