Every generation, culture, nation, family and individual, during their journey from eternity to eternity faces certain challenges, adversities, test and trials.  We all face situations and problems that are bigger than we are.  Satan will use every trick, deception, and lie he can to discourage, confuse and convince you that you cannot win.  On the other hand, God said to all His children that He would always make a way.  We make the choices.
Mt 12:25 “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:” Look at our nation today.  We are divided and in trouble.  The principle stands.  Where there is division there is weakness and danger of failure.  Marriages are another example.
How about the church?  Across this nation there is great division.  There is one Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have one Bible, yet we are divided.  Denominations divide.  Traditions divide.  Too many times we focus on finding fault instead of love and prayer one for another.  If the Church would lay aside their differences and come before God with a repentant heart, this nation would change.  It would again be blessed of God.  Instead of dictating policy to us, the White House and halls of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives/Democrats and Republicans) would be listening and seeking the wisdom of God.
The separation of church and state is a lie straight out of hell.  It is not so much as mentioned in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution.  That amendment was written to prevent the government from imposing a state religion or church in this nation.  That’s all it said.  A judge in 1947 came up with the phrase and courts across the land have used it ever since.  It has become the battle cry of Congress.  They want all the power that comes from leaving God and His Word outside their walls.  Study it out for yourself.
The Church stood by and let a judge steal her authority and remove her from her place of honor in this nation.  The snowball started to roll by taking prayer out of schools, removing the 10 commandments from public places and even attacking the Holy Bible.  Look outside your window.  Read the paper.  Listen to the news.  Since these things were taken from us, where has it taken us?  What will be next?  Thank God Jesus is coming back for His bride and it must be very near, even at the door.  Be ready!