By Erica Kearns


The wrongful death lawsuit against Clay County law enforcement officials by the estate of Adam Nottingham has been continued. The lawsuit, filed by Nottingham’s widow, alleges that the life of her husband was lost following a high speed police chase.
In 2010 Adam Nottingham led police on a twenty-five mile police chase from the town of Clay into Fayette County. Spike strips were used but unsuccessful in stopping the chase. Eventually Nottingham jumped out of his car and either fell or jumped into the Gauley River and drowned.
The lawsuit claims that Sheriff Randy Holcomb refused to allow rescue squads to enter the water to save Nottingham. It also claims that Sheriff Holcomb knew that Nottingham only had one arm and ignored his screams for help after he entered the water. The paperwork alleges that Holcomb was “very loud, boisterous and profane” when intervening with rescue attempts.
The lawsuit claims that law enforcement actions were negligent, intentional and malicious and that Nottingham’s last chance of life was taken as a result.
Nottingham’s attorney, John Mitchell Sr., asked for a continuance of the trial while mediation continues. The case is now slated to be heard in Clay County Circuit Court on January 29, 2014.