Perhaps for you the New Year is a challenge, an opportunity or just another year.  2013’s opportunities and failures are gone.  They are memories of days gone by.  I hope you found them to be joyous and fulfilling.  But whatever they proved to be, they are memories.  But wait; perhaps they are more.  They may be a stepping stone to better days.  They provide valuable information to help you rise above their frustrations and failures.  We are told that if we ignore the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them.

When the Saul of Tarsus thought he was serving God he found out while on the road to Damascus that he had been making a big mistake.  But he had the wisdom to turn from error and accept the truth of God’s word and arrange his life accordingly.  He repented and God used him mightily as the Apostle Paul who wrote over half the New Testament.  God loves to forgive those who have missed the mark.

The Apostle Peter was so ashamed and heartbroken when he realized he had denied Jesus just as Jesus had declared.  That had to be the low point of his life.  Still, there was hope.  God will always honor His word.  Peter repented and God anointed him to carry forth the Gospel to multitudes and to write two books of the New Testament.

I hope the challenges that will confront you in 2014 will be met with faith in the Word of God and a life that reflects a relationship with Jesus Christ.  John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly.  He made the way for that to happen for you.  If you will meet the conditions set forth in the Word of God, God will make it happen.  Search the scriptures and find out for yourself what God requires for you to be blessed.  He will even make a way where there appears to be no way.  He said His promises to the believer are both yea and amen.  Wow!

If you sow the right seed, walk the right walk and have the right heart, God will find you and bless you with a good year in 2014.  I wish I could make it happen for you but I can tell you this:  God is faithful to His Word and He is well able to do all He said.  Read Deuteronomy chapter 28.  It’s your future.  Maranatha!