Published On: Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

New Year, New Attitude for Panthers

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Stephen Cole hauls this one in for a nice catch.

Stephen Cole hauls this one in for a nice catch.

This past Saturday, the Panther football team brought a bucket full of guts, grit and attitude to the gridiron against the Summers County Bobcats for some much needed physical pounding. The Panthers, hungry for a chance to show there will be a change, downed a couple of cans of whip butt and hit the field. Nerves and emotion filled the air as the teams warmed up. The Bobcats came in to show the Panthers what they were made of. Both teams weighed in at the grid iron, with the Panthers edging the Bobcats out on by just a little.

Intimidation was not a factor; there were big hits on both sides of the coin. The Panthers defense was all over the field, and what they lack in size they make up in speed and pure pit bull attitude. Most of the hits sounded more like there was a car wreck outside the fence. The Panthers love the taste of pig skin, and when the game starts, its dinner time. Offense is on the ball as well. New quarterback Austin Dobbins has a running game and an arm that can throw bullet tightropes.

The running game has runners that have the ballerina touch and the guts to run over what’s in the way. Stephen Cole did some Lynn Swann catches at tight end and is a bull to bring down. The whole Panther team played very well, and the season looks bright. As time went on, the Panthers only got better. They will be on a four game road trip to open the season with the first stop at Roane County on the 29th of August at 7:30 pm. It is a new year, a new attitude and the Panthers are geared up and will be in top condition come game day. So paint those faces and drop some tail gates, it’s time once again for Panther Football.