nebo post office

Friday, August 8, 2014 was an end of an era for the Nebo Community. The Post Office was closed with only a three day notice. The contract for the building stated there would be an October 3rd closing. The post office headquarters was located inside the John D. Mollohan General Store at Nebo, Clay County.

The first postmaster was Perry Mollohan, then Molly Mollohan Abraham, next Joe Mollohan, and Holly C. Jarvis. John D. Mollohan took the position in 1917. He held the job for 5 years. Joseph Parsons was next in line, then John W. Tucker. John D. Mollohan again assumed charge in 1958.

The post office job changed due to which political party was in power. Porter Tucker took over for John D. Mollohan but, quickly decided it was not for him and he turned it over to Wavie Mollohan Starcher. She held the position for 27 years. Libby Arnold took over after Wavie retired and she retired after 17 years. Deloris Mollohan became the next acting postmaster. She took another postal position in Charleston, turning the job over to Harry Riley Jr. When the hours went to 2 hours a day, Harry retired and the position went to Lindsay Chisolm. Next come Julie Greathouse and finally Sue Cosgrove until the post office closed its doors for the final time after 109 years.

Several mailboxes have been installed in Nebo. Those wishing to still have a P.O. Box number must travel the seven miles to Chloe or nine miles to Ivydale to get their mail.

The post office was a place for neighbors to meet and talk. News items were posted on the entrance bulletin board.

Donald D. Mollohan, owner of the building said he was relieved it was over but, didn’t like the way the Postal Service went about it. Mr. Mollohan is 81 years old. Lynn and Louie Cottrell will continue to deliver the mail to the mail boxes.