Dennis Sutton, Emma Patitucci, Richard and Norma Darr are donating a Flag Pole and Memorial Marker with the veterans names on it for our Cemetery.

Below is a list of the known veterans.  If you know anyone that is not on the list send it along with the war they served in to Norma Darr 1183 Ty Drive, Medina, Ohio 44256; Phone 330-723-4674 or email

We must receive your information by March 15, 2014 for it to be included on the monument.

If you know what war Kenneth King, H.A. Ottoman 1943-2011 and Thomas B. Parker served in would you send that information to Norma Darr also.

There will be a dedication ceremony at the Hively Cemetery May 17, 2014 2:00 p.m.(Armed Forces Day) .  If you would like to send a few lines to Norma about your Veteran she will include it in the booklet we will be passing out.

Everyone is welcome



Richard A. Austin – Korea

Arley Dick Bullard – WWII

Burl Clifford Bullard – WW II  –

Charles H. Carr   WW II

John Russell Car WWII  –

John Wesley Ellison WW I – II

Dana M Hanshaw Vietnam

Homer J. Hanshaw WW II

Romie E. Hanshaw WW II  –

Kenneth E. King

Howard A. Ottman WW II  –

H. A. Ottman

Thomas B. Parker   –

Henry W. Rogers WW I

Virgil B. Rogers WW II  –

William P. Rogers WW II

Asa E. Sutton WW II  –

John P. Sutton  Korea, Vietnam

Orville C. Sutton WW II   –

John J. Wagner Vietnam Era

William H. White WW II

Wilbur D. Wyatt WW II

William H. Wyatt II