Published On: Tue, May 6th, 2014

Mustangs and Valley clash at Boomer

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Celebrating a run in the final hour.

Celebrating a run in the final hour.

It was a tough set of games for the Mustang baseball team as they played a double header against Valley. The clash was at Boomer Field, and the first game was a barn burner. Valley went out ahead of the Mustangs in the 4th inning racking up four runs to go ahead of the Mustangs 2-4. Feeling pretty sure of their lead, the Mustangs would have nothing of it. The boys added one in the bottom of the 4th to make it 3-4. However, not to be out batted, Valley added two more runs in the 5th to go ahead 3-6. When the future of their perfect season was in jeopardy, a conference was held by Coach Frank Kleman and Assistant Coach Jeffrey Krauklis at the bottom of the 5th. With a confident smile on the face of the Valley pitcher, the inning began. Mustang bats started finding the sweet spot and hits were scattered across the field. When the smoke cleared, four runs were in the bag and that was the final run for either team with the final score Mustangs 7 and Valley 6.

The second game of the double header was much of the same intense action and you were on the edge of your seat most of the game. With darkness approaching and with the field being up in a valley, the dark felt just a little darker. The game ball no longer refrigerator white in color made it hard to see. The old lights that were on the field didn’t illuminate the field as it should have been. Outfielders had to use skylight for 60 percent of the ball’s flight. All that being said is not to deter from the game as it gave no advantage to either team; it only made the game better. This made the game a nail bitter because it could have went either way. Valley was first to draw blood scoring three in the 1st inning and added one each in the 2nd and 3rd innings. The Mustangs mustered four runs through four innings, and it was crunch time. By this time, even the lights were having a hard time keeping their eyes open in the looming darkness. Time was of the essence as both teams knew the game would be called after the 5th inning, and the Mustangs were up. Down one run, they rallied for two runs with some great hitting and base running by Wynn and Edwards, who both scored to get the Mustangs ahead by one. Caleb Wynn, with the perfect season on the line, took the mound under pressure, and it went like this: foul ball caught behind the plate by Alex Grose, dribble shot to the pitcher, out at first base, and for the icing on the cake, Wynn fanned the final batter, perfect season still intact. It was a great game by both teams. The Mustangs finish their regular season this Friday night in another double header. Come out and see some great baseball!