Elijah Payton with Most Valuable Player award. Allen Hamrick photo

The Mustangs have gone into the CCMS history books with an almost perfect basketball season. The boys made it happen by defeating Webster County Middle School for the CWVAC championship Saturday night.

All Conference awards L-R, Grant Krajeski, Colten Pritt and Elijah Payton. Allen Hamrick

They had to defeat Summersville Middle in the first round of the tournament in a close game that left no nails on your fingers.  It was a tough road against some of the toughest opponents that middle schools can put on the courts. The Mustangs played as a team, won as a team and have made Clay County history. It has been approximately  15 years since the Mustang boys have put the coveted championship trophy in the case.

Elijah Payton had 16 points in the win against Summersville, and Ethan Burkhamer was top shooter for the Mustangs in the championship game with 14 points and some critical rebounds. The Mustang defense was tough to get by and played their way into basketball history. They are a fine bunch of boys who had each other’s backs.

All Tournament awards L-R, Colten Pritt and Ethan Burkhamer. Allen Hamrick photo

From JV to varsity, they stood their ground for each other, and that is why they are a championship team. Each player on the team played a part in the success.

Also deserving a pat on the back is head coach Shawn Krajeski along with assistant coaches Barry Payton and Allen Tanner.These coaches led this team to be the best they could be and instilled in them a desire to win and to stay focused. These traits will help them succeed in whatever their lives lead them to.  Once again, congratulations to the Mustangs and the coaches; it was an awesome year.

All Conference awards for cheer leaders- L-R Erin Mullins and Lexi Adkins. Allen Hamrick photo

Receiving awards for the evening were as follows: on the cheer team earning All Conference was Erin Mullins and Lexi Adkins, on the basketball team receiving the All Conference award was Grant Krajeski, Colten Pritt, and Elijah Payton, and receiving the All Tournament award was Colten Pritt and Ethan Burkhamer. Last but not least, was Elijah Payton receiving the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award.

Congratulations to each recipient.