Noah Casto giving a good stiff arm. Allen Hamrick photo.

The Mustang football team had a tough, tough time Thursday night against visiting Poca Middle. It looked as though the Mustangs and Poca were pretty evenly matched except for Poca’s running back who was big, fast, and could run with the Mustang line on his back. Basically, the Mustangs had a hard time stopping their run game. That was pretty much the story of the game – the Mustangs had some highlights on offense and did manage to score six in the second half. When the lights went out, Poca had bested the Mustangs by the score of 28-6. They will travel to Calhoun this Thursday evening and their last two games will be at home against Ravenswood and Spencer. Come out and support the Mustangs in their last of the season games.