Thursday night proved to be the day of redemption for the Mustangs of Clay Middle. The taste of losing brought a bitter taste to their mouth pieces and it was time to clean them out. Richwood came in with confidence, but the no nonsense Mustang defense crushed their hopes early in the game by stopping any run Richwood had. Passing the ball was clearly impossible. The massive defensive line, combined with the speed of the linebackers and the back field, created a wall between them and the goal line. The Mustangs had a fire lit under them from somewhere and had no desire to lose this game in front of the hometown fans. At the delight of those fans, the running backs found the holes created by the lineman and they kicked in the after burners. When the battering stopped, the Mustangs were on top with their first win of the season by the score of 34-0. The Mustangs will get ready this week and bring their best air show and ground and pound to the field of Walton where they will be in a rematch against the Tigers whom they faced early in the season in a scrimmage. If you get the opportunity get, out and watch a good football team go Tiger