The week in this county was a diet of Clay vs. Braxton sports, not only did CCHS and CCMS football play them but the volleyball girls did as well. It was the season opener for the Clay Middle Mustangs who travelled to Braxton to take on the best they had to offer in the middle school world. Braxton Middle had a big and tough team who they sent against the Mustangs. The Mustangs, with a head of steam, were ready for the challenge.
The Mustangs are on a rebuild year with many of the players being inexperienced. However, the Mustangs are not without their tough guys. The game progressed and the Mustangs were holding their own, then like the straw that broke the camel’s back the Mustangs found it difficult to stop the running game of the Braxton Knights. Moving the ball offensively was as equally difficult for the Mustangs; it seemed that a blitz was the only defensive move the Knights knew but proved to be effective against the Mustangs. The Knights ran up 36 points against the Mustangs. The lone score for the Mustangs came on a tumultuous run up the side line by Isaac Workman who got behind some great blocking by his teammates and ran it in for the touchdown late in the game. There were some great moments defensively for the Mustangs, as well as offensively, which they will build on for the game against Richwood Thursday night at home. The Mustangs will get better; their talent demands 100 percent and that is what they will give. Go Mustangs!