Mustangs getting fired up after pin. Allen Hamrick photo.
Gene Sams rocks the cradle. Allen Hamrick photo.
Rush Sparks cross facing the hard way. Allen Hamrick photo.

This past Friday and Saturday, the Clay Middle School Mustang wrestling team opened their season at George Washington High school to compete in one of the toughest middle school tournaments in the state the Charleston Invitational duals.

As I arrived at the school, I could see, before I even entered the building, that the wrestling was, for lack of a better word, tough. Boys and girls alike were between matches, sitting around in the fresh air waiting for their next battle to begin. It was a wrestling tournament, not a table tennis match; it was to be expected. It was a place of individual sacrifice and honor.

The Mustangs went in, gave no quarter and expected none in return. When the blue and gold hit the mats, their opponents knew they were in for a fight. Who needs those baby faced, smack talking so called, pro wrestlers? Give me Clay County style wrestling anytime. Go to a Mustang match and you will see gut busting, shoulder twisting, bone breaking action; it is not for the faint at heart.

Twenty-five of the best teams competed, and the Mustangs placed 11th overall. One may not think this is all that great, but keep in mind that they won six of their eight matches and tied the other two.  In a tie they go by the criteria of the match, and the Mustangs lost being in the championship pool by one lousy point. So, 11th place is pretty great. Wrestlers from all of the schools were on a feeding frenzy, busting the chops of anyone in their path.  It was some of the best and toughest wrestling I have watched – pure pandemonium.  There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who faces them better bring their best, because I assure you the Mustang wrestling team will.

Congratulations to some of the toughest kids in the state for starting the season off right. I believe they could take on a stampede and stop it; they are tough, rough, and dangerous. Clay County wrestlers challenge the best and put them down; they are severe in their punishment and brutally demanding on the mat. CCMS tied with John Adams 42-42 and lost by criteria and tied with West Fairmont 42-42 and lost by criteria. They stomped Stonewall 62-18, massacred Hurricane 72-0, beat Edison B team 58-24, beat Sissonville 42-36, beat Hayes 43-42 and beat Elkview 42-39.