Congressman Alex Mooney

US Congressman Alex Mooney visited Clay County on April 6, 2018, to have a roundtable discussion with community members including Fran King, member of the Clay County Commission; Greg Fitzwater, President of the Clay County Commission; Dave Mullins, President of the Board of Education; Jason Hubbard, Town of Clay Mayor; as well as many others in attendance.

Mr. Mooney talked about how he was here to discuss ways to be helpful and get feedback from leaders in the community. His main goal was to find out how to be helpful at the federal level. Mr. Kris Warner was also in attendance, the WV Rural Development Director. He mentioned that Clay County is one of eight persistent poverty counties in West Virginia. Mr. Warner mentioned that there are many ways set aside to help counties like us, to get water and sewer projects, police cruisers, bullet proof vests, fire trucks, etc. He also mentioned that there are many opportunities out that he can help with to obtain loans, both personal and business, to help residents in poverty persistent counties. Mr. Warner also mentioned that the USDA Rural Development is the only agency that can build a city from the ground up.

Mr. Mooney took notes on all of the concerns and suggestions that everyone gave him. A big issue that was mentioned is the drug problem in the county, and how there is no local recovery help or jobs that can help people stay on track once they get the help they need with recovery. They expressed concerns also that the jail bill is over half a million dollars in debt. “It’s a vicious cycle,” Fran King expressed.

WV Rural Development Director Kris Warner

Before the meeting ended, Mr. Mooney and Mr. Warner mentioned that they would try to schedule another day to come back and meet again to try and find ways to help our community and county. But before he left the county, he was given a short tour by Mr. Hubbard, Town Mayor. They visited several places downtown, including the bank and Nine’s Barber Shop.

Mr. Alex Mooney serves District 2 in West Virginia, which runs from the Eastern Panhandle beginning at Jefferson County and runs through the center of the state all the way to the Ohio River to Jackson County. If you would like to Contact Congressman Mooney, his DC office phone number is 202-225-2711, his Charleston Office phone number is 304-925-5964 or his Martinsburg Office phone number is 304-264-8810. You can also contact Mr. Kris Warner at his Morgantown WV Office at 304-284-4860. you can also check the website for more information.