Many people associate donating to charities with only dollars and cents but there other ways to donate and help. My husband and I often donate our TIME. Local charities such as Habitat for Humanity and soup kitchens offering free meals are frequent stops for the two of us. Last Tuesday evening we volunteered to “ring the bell” for the Salvation Army in Elkview, WV. While it was extremely cold that evening our hearts were warmed by the wonderful gestures of giving we witnessed. Many young children with giant smiles would rush to our buckets to drop their change. On more than one occasion, passersby would ask if they could purchase us a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to help warm us up. We visited with old friends and made new ones while on duty that evening while receiving donations ranging from ten cents to twenty dollars. Later that evening on the way home we reflected on what we were most impressed with and both concluded that the experience reminded us of something we often forget – the human spirit wants to help others and give.

If you don’t have the change in your pocket to give to others, give your time. If you feel you don’t have enough time to spare to give to others, examine your priorities – you are missing out on what life is about.

Give this holiday – Merry Christmas, Mike and Erica Kearns