MildredOur citizen of the month is Mrs. Mildred W. McKenzie. She was born in Clay County to parents Benjamin F. White and Pearle B. White. Much of her growing up years were spent attending church. There and at home she acquired a beautiful voice and love for singing. Mildred is a fine Christian lady and a dedicated member of Rogers Fork Baptist Church, still organizing gospel sings at least once a year.
Most of you know her as a long time featured write and historian for Clay County newspapers. She is an accomplished writer. Her vast knowledge and eloquent way with words draw readers in and keeps them interested. She has also written and published several books.
Mildred earned her degree and worked in the nursing field. She has managed a business for her late husband and traveled extensively among other things. She has so unselfishly helped others; cared and cooked for the sick, collected clothing, shoes and toys for school children; opened her home to strangers and took them in. Her love for family, friends and life is just a small part of who she is. Mildred is fun loving, full of wit and charm ad her sparkling eyes and beautiful smile will warm your heart.
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