Tis the season to be jolly.  It is Christmas time once again.  Christmas is supposed to be all about the birth of Jesus Christ and His mission on earth to save the lost and restore the relationship of mankind to Almighty God.  Jesus indeed paid the price so this could happen.  Some reject it, some put it off and many do not know that without receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior, we will spend eternity separated from God being punished for rejecting His beloved Son.

For those who do know the real meaning of Christmas it is truly a time of joy, peace and hope.  The love of God has been shed abroad that we may become the children of God.  It is a time of sharing the love of God with each other and reflecting on God’s love for us as is recorded in His Word.

Unfortunately, at least in this country, Christmas has become little more than just a holiday where families come together, give gifts to one another and enjoy a good time together.  That is all good and I plan to do the same but let us not forget what Christmas is all about.  God loves us one and all.  Jesus Christ loves us one and all.  We are commanded to love one another.

The lights, decorated trees, brightly wrapped gifts and the smile on the faces of children all reflect that Christmas is special and somehow it creates within us a fresh feeling of peace and joy.  The very best gift you can give at this time is a heart of love to those around you.  Whether you are at the mall or the grocery store, remember what Christmas is all about and give of yourself.  A smile, a “merry Christmas” or an act of kindness goes a long way.  It might even touch the heart of someone less fortunate that you.  Go to church, renew your commitment, rejoice and be thankful.  Christmas is simply a message from God that He loves you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!