kinz edit 2 fThey say that all people born into this world have passion to some extent, and some have a dominant passion that drives them to greatness. McKinzee Barker is one of those individuals who has discovered this deep passion within her in the game of basketball. McKinzee has proven this time and time again when she steps onto the hardwood. Her success has come from hard work and the ladder of support from her family and friends. She is a winner who has dedicated her life, mind, body and soul to family and the sport of basketball. Her list of achievements are long, and she will continue to write her own story without the idea of a second chance. The time is now for her and it’s serious business. McKinzee raised herself to a new level of play this past year and has once again been named to First Team All State, a level attained by a select few. McKinzee Barker is a testament to her family, and it is a privilege for this county and its basketball fans to get to watch such poetry in motion on a basketball floor. Congratulations to McKinzee Barker once again for making First Team All State. We look forward to the fall.