May our Father God help us by easing the pounding of our troubled hearts in an age of anxiety in which we live by the quieting of our mind.

May He steady our rapid pace as we travel through life’s journey and in His tender mercy give us a spiritual vision of the eternal reach of time.

May He give us amidst the confusion of our age the calmness of the sea or the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, His everlasting hills.

May He break the tension of our nerves with the beautiful music of the clear mountain streams and the hymns of Zion that live forever in our memory.

May He teach us the art of taking only a few minutes of vacation, of slowing down to look at our beautiful flower gardens and listen to the song of .birds which comes floating our way, and say in our own heart’s soul behold the blessings of our Father God ,they are new every morning” and talk with our old friends or to make a new one, pat a small child on the head, smile when we meet our friends or strangers.

Watch the tiny ants as they work … or the spider as he weaves his web, to listen for the still small voice of the eternal to speak to our immortal soul, to read a few lines from the Scriptures.

May He remind us each new day that we live on His good earth. Life’s race is not always to the swift or to the strong, that there is more to life than increasing its speed.

May we take time to look up at the towering Oak and Pine trees that grow in the old State of Virginia, to know that they grew big and strong because they grew slowly and well, sending their roots down deep … in our Father God’s good earth.

May our Father God slow us down in our troubled age and inspire us to send our roots down deep in the soil of life’s values that we may grow in His grace toward the eternal stars of our greater destiny.

Submitted by Rev. Mr. Holley Monroe Hensley