Hearing Docket for August 26, 2013 – Magistrate Boggs
9:00 am, Young vs. Hiram Lewis    Jury Trial    Intimidation of State Witness

Hearing Docket for August 27, 2013 – Magistrate King
9:00 am, Ellis vs. Kristopher McGlothlin, Simple Possession of Meth
9:15 am, Ellis vs. Mark Griffin, Simple Possession of Meth
9:45 am, Ellis vs. Shaynay Rogers, Registration Violation, Motor Vehicle Insurance
10:00 am, Ellis vs. Gelinda Skaggs, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI 3rd Offense, Simple Possession of Meth
10:15 am, Ellis vs. Wilbert Brown, Driving Under the Influence, Registration Violation, No Proof of Insurance, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI
10:30 am, Davis vs. Eric Moore, Obstructing an Officer, Battery of Police Officer Public Intoxication
10:45 am, Davis vs. Gary Foor, Violation of Protective Order
11:00 am, Davis vs. Brittany Thorne, Petit Larceny
11:15 am, Davis vs. Brandi Adkins, Assault
11:30 am, Smith vs. Holly King, Driving Under the Influence, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI
1:15 pm, Ellis vs. Jack Sizemore, Driving Under the Influence, Simple Possession, Motor Vehicle Inspection, Registration Violation
1:30 pm, Smith vs. David Reynolds, Domestic Assault, Domestic Battery
1:45 pm, Belt vs. James Nichols, Domestic Assault
2:00 pm, Belt vs. William Taylor, Driving Under the Influence
2:15 pm, Belt vs. Colby Meadows, Improper Plates
2:30 pm, Belt vs. Bobby Vance, Driving Revoked DUI
2:45 pm, Belt vs. Kenny Nottingham, Possession of Controlled Substance
3:00 pm, Belt vs. Johnny Morris, Driving Under the Influence
3:15 pm, Belt vs. Dencil Pritt, Destruction of Property
3:30 pm, Belt vs. Breanna Gallagher, Petit Larceny

Hearing Docket for August 28, 2013 – Magistrate Boggs
9:00 am, Belt vs. Christopher Graham, Obstructing an Officer
9:00 am, Davis vs. Wanda Coulter, Assault
9:00 am, Belt vs. Oscar Adkins, Brandishing, Destruction of Property
9:00 am, Belt vs. Debra Workman, Obstructing an Officer
10:00 am, Belt vs. John Rose, Domestic Battery x 2
10:00 am, Smith vs. James Schoonover, Operators, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, No Proof of Insurance, Driving Under the Influence
10:00 am, Smith vs. Alvin Hardway,     Receiving/Transferring Stolen Property
10:00 am, Belt vs. Jessie Carte, Driving Under the Influence
10:00 am, Ellis vs. Jessie Carte, Driving Under the Influence
10:00 am, Bass vs. Nathan Johnson, Simple Possession, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, Carrying Dangerous Weapon
11:00 am, Belt vs. Rusty Morris, Driving Under the Influence, Possession Marijuana less than 15 grams
11:00 am, Belt vs. Earl Walls, Assault x 3, Keeping Vicious/Dangerous Dog
11:00 am, Belt vs. Travis Belt, Driving Under the Influence
1:00 pm, Hunt vs. John Scott, Domestic Assault x 4
1:00 pm, Ellis vs. Harley Nottingham, No Proof of Insurance, Simple Possession x 2
1:00 pm, Belt vs. Okey Hodge, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI 3rd Offense
2:00 pm, Ellis vs. Samantha Cummings, Left of Center, Operators
2:00 pm, Belt vs. Adam Webster, Assault x 2
2:00 pm, Belt vs. Christopher Lamb,     Driving Under the Influence 2nd Offense
2:00 pm, Cervera vs. William Stephenson, Shooting Within 500 ft. of Dwelling
3:00 pm, Young vs. Ballas Beasley, Possession with Intent to Deliver x 3
3:00 pm, Young vs. Christian Stuber, Defective Equipment, Misdemeanor Possession
3:00 pm, Young vs. Timothy Hall, Loud Exhaust, Defective Equipment

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