pic5Royalty came to Clay this past Saturday night and added a touch of class to the rural hills we call home as the 2014 Homecoming Queen Madison Stone was crowned. With lipstick and rouge applied and the finest dresses money could buy adorning the queen and class princesses, it was time to walk the walk.

The sound of wild cheers and smiles big as Texas heralded as Tyler Mullins escorted Queen Madison Stone down center court to the awe of her fans. Once the queen was front and center, it was time for the crowning. Principal Melinda Issacs had the honors of placing the diamond studded crown on her head, and it was official – there was a new queen in town.

Queen Madison Stone wasn’t without her court consisting of some of the finest princesses in the land. Freshman Princess Lexi Grose was striking as she was escorted down center court by gentleman Reece Nicholas. Ethan Craddock was styling as he escorted the dazzling Sophomore Princess Sarah Elswick. The elegant Junior Princess Sarah Schoolcraft was escorted by the charismatic Andrew Flemming. Finally Daniel Ferrebee was happy to escort Sydney Vance, the striking Senior Princess. All in all, it was a fine half time ceremony for this year’s Basketball Homecoming Queen Madison Stone and her court. Also gracing the stage with their presence were 13 previous queens, some dating back to the 1960’s. They added a unique class to the event and other than time have not aged a bit. Congratulations to Queen Madison Stone and all her court!