What is love?

The most carefully chosen words from the best dictionary fails to give us a satisfactory answer. What is love?  It is more that an emotion. It is more than a romantic inclination. What is love? The Bible tells us that God is love. Still we muse, what is love?

Love is a New England militia man leaving his family behind and going off to war to save his land from an intruder. Love is a coal miner going deep into the blackness of a coal mine day after day to put bread on the table for his family. Love is a man and a woman painfully sacrificing in order for their child to go to college.

What is love? Love is disciplining a child when you would rather show compassion to protect them from some lurking evil. Love is a pastor studying and praying for a service even when those who need it most stay away. Love is a truck driver away from home night after night to provide for his family. Love is a Christian raising their hand or their voice to God in praise even when they don’t feel like it because He is worthy to be praised.

 Love reaches out in many ways and often pays a price.

There is the love of God, the love of country, the love of family and the love of your mate. You may love music, sports, movies, conversation or a good meal. Love must be given away and expressed to be of any value otherwise it becomes selfish indulgence. Love can be expressed in words, actions or simply a radiant smile upon the face of a child or someone cherished.

God has given us all the need to be loved and the ability to bestow that love. Without love life is boring, empty and has little purpose. Love has many rewards and is highly contagious.  Joh 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.