Harold “Jr.” Cottrell is from Bickmore, WV, in Clay County. He has three beautiful daughters: Katelyn, 17; Kacie, 13; and Bindi, 10.

He was in a lumber cutting accident on Nov. 2nd near Virginia. He was cutting lumber and a tree lodged on top of another tree and the wind picked it up and threw it on Harold. He was Health Netted to Tennessee then back to Virginia a few days later. As of Nov 16th he is in Charleston General. He has two broken legs, broken right shoulder/arm, and several broken ribs.

Most of us know Harold from the flood last year. He was such a pillar of our community during the worst flood ever to hit our county. He was out every evening and every weekend after working out of town five days a week using his equipment and dump truck. He volunteered to dig out banks, creeks, pick up garbage, and rebuilt washed out roads. Now it’s our time to help this young kind-hearted man in need. Any monetary donations will be appreciated. Send to: Love, Faith & Hope PO Box 835 Clay WV 25043, or call 304-587-9992.

Also accepting donations for an online auction to be held soon. We are also planning a bake sale. As always, we can’t do anything without your help.

Thank you and God Bless,

Kathy P. Taylor, Co-owner of Kate’s Home Furnishings & Advantage Home Care.