Lee Ramsey USE THIS ONELee Ramsey of Clay has been chosen for the August citizen of the month. Lee is the
father of six children.
Lee showed up at a tourism meeting back in the winter because he was concerned about the trash in the county. He and his wife and children take walks across the Dundon Bridge and often pick up trash……but not only does he want to improve the trash issue, he has never refused a request to do anything we have asked of him. For example: During the Solid Waste Authority’s trash pick-up I had an elderly lady tell me she had some large items she wanted to get rid of but didn’t have anyone to help her. I talked to Lee and he never hesitated. He went to her house that day and hauled the items down to Pierson’s.
Lee will show up early on Friday and Saturday mornings to meet the inmates from Mt. Olive that we have working in the county and give them their assignments He even assists them with their work and has donated money to help offset the cost of feeding them. He has done weed eating, mowing and brush cutting for us. He hauled furniture that was donated for the new BDA office, he puts up and takes down signs for events, he played the primary role in gutting and cleaning out the BDA building (old highways building). This spring he assisted in building a ramp for a handicapped lady.
Lee and his entire family worked tirelessly before, during and after the Elk River Fest. Lee helped in the planning, stayed up all night on Friday night to watch over the town and even chased away a few vandals. The entire Ramsey family toted, fetched, participated in events, helped the DNR with Smokey Bear, ran children’s events, manned the information booth, cleaned up after the Fest and all while maintaining a positive attitude and asking what they could do next to help.
When Lee is not helping other people he really enjoys fishing and hunting. If you run into to Lee please congratulate him for being August citizen of the month.
Send your request for September citizen of the month to 505 Guy Mullins Road Maysel WV  25133