The CCHS Lady Panthers volleyball team has set the courts on fire this week and are on an eight game winning streak. It all started with a tri match at Calhoun County Tuesday night. This game was extra special to the Lady Panthers in that Calhoun was one of the only teams to defeat them in a previous game. Braxton County was there, as well, and were defeated by both Clay and Calhoun and sent home. Then, chaos broke loose as Calhoun went on a killing spree that the Lady Panthers didn’t handle too well and were defeated in the first game. However, this was a best of three games to win the match. The Lady Panthers came back with a heart pounding win in the second game by picking up on their game strategy and stopping the mistakes.

The third game was one of major suspense; if you had a heart condition you would have been best off to leave. The game went back and forth, and it seemed that the one with the least mistakes would take the court. The Lady Panthers won the game taking back their queen of the hill status. When this game was done, it was just hard to breathe and the fans were exhausted. The Lady Panthers were on the road after that game taking their assault to Charleston and all points beyond. This week has been a march to Berlin, so to speak, and when the smoke cleared, it was the Lady Panthers going undefeated all the way.
The girls are now 16-3 for the season and are a team you don’t want to miss in action. They will be on the road again this week, returning to their home court on Tuesday in a tri match against Calhoun and Fayette County. The Lady Panthers are on a roll so come out and support them. In other volleyball action, the Lady Mustangs are back on the winning track in a three game winning streak and will play Geary, the only team that has beat them, Monday night. They will play Geary on their home turf, and by the time this article is read, the Lady Mustangs will have defeated them. They will also play at home against Calhoun and Braxton Counties. Calhoun will be Tuesday night and Braxton will be on Thursday. Game times are 6pm so make plans to come out and cheer on the home team.