It was season opener for the Lady Panthers as well this week with the Varsity and the JV in action. They also had another game against Calhoun County. The season opener found the JV team dominating the courts once again, losing nothing. It is hammer time when they come on the court and the only thing standing in the way is themselves. The Lady Eagles JV didn’t know what hit them – volleyballs were coming from all directions and most of them like a bad package in the mail, nonreturnable. The JV is like a janitor on steroids, mopping the floor with anyone who stands against them. They treated the Calhoun Lady Red Devils JV with the same respect, winning both games. The Lady Panther Varsity however, likes to play games that go to the wire, it seems. Losing their first game against the Lady Eagles fired up the Lady Panthers, and they rolled to a win on the second game defeating the Lady Eagles 25-11.
Afterwards, the games were tight as a Rockefeller’s wallet. If you have a heart condition, take some aspirin to thin your blood because it comes down to a serve between a win and a loss. With the amount of talent that is on the Lady Panthers team, they have a chance to go viral this season. Then came Calhoun, and the Lady Red Devils had a different view. They took down the mighty Lady Panther team by taking three of the best of five games. When games have to be decided by a serve or who lets it hit the ground first, it will be anybody’s game. The Lady Panthers took the series to the final game and couldn’t pull it out of their hats. It is plain to see that by the caliber of play that all the schools are displaying in the first few weeks of the season, it will be who makes the fewer mistakes that will win a game and not so much the skill of each team because their skills are almost equal. The Lady Panthers will be home this week against Gilmer. It will be some great volleyball action you don’t want to miss.