Catilyn Murphy hitting for two of her 14. Allen Hamrick photo.
Marissa Williams driving in the paint. Allen Hamrick photo.
Kacey Butcher with the easy layup. Allen Hamrick photo.

The Lady Panthers have officially opened their season with a bang against a tough Doddridge County team.

Once the Lady Panthers got rolling and found their groove, their game came alive. Both teams wanted to begin their season with a win, and it showed. By the time the game was over, it was time for some R and R. Defense became the rule as the Lady Panthers turned up the heat on their press and put an end to the hopes of a win for Doddridge. Underneath the hoop, the Lady Panthers out squeezed the ball and were monsters on the boards.

There were no big money players in this game; the girls ticked like a Rolex and took down their opponents 70- 38. There still a few bugs to work out, but the Lady Panthers are on the move. This opening game was yet another example of great basketball from the Lady Panthers who basically schooled Doddridge for four periods. The lady Panthers were all over the boards on offense, Marissa Williams was a dead eye hitting for 17 points while Kacey shares the honor of 17 points knocking down threes from the perimeter. Catilyn Murphy was close adding 14 of her own.

The Ladies will be on the road again  to Lewis County on Tuesday night. If you get a little chilled and feel a cold coming on, it is probably basketball fever and the only known cure is Panther, Lady Panther, Mustang and Lady Mustang basketball. Get to a game, you will feel better.