The Lady Panthers have officially opened their season with a bang against a tough Braxton Lady Eagle team. Once the Lady Panthers drove the silver spike in the chest of their sleeping basketball vampire and stopped the bleeding, the girls and their game came alive. It was a rough and tough game of basketball with hard to earn points and harder to get rebounds.


Both teams wanted to begin their season with a win and it showed. By the time the game was over, it was time for some R and R. Defense became the rule as the full court press proved to be a turning point for the Lady Panthers in the game. Underneath the hoop the Lady Panthers out squeezed the ball and were monsters on the boards. There were no big money players in this game, the girls ticked like a Rolex and took down their opponents 57-34. A rough start but a great finish.
With most of the bugs exterminated in the game against the Lady Eagles, the Lady Panthers took their floor show to Pocahontas County for the Rogers Oil Classic Tournament. Getting the tickle the twine award in the first game was Katelyn Horrocks who shoveled in 23 points in the first game against Pocahontas County as the Lady Panthers squeezed by the host team by the score of 43-39. Then it was off to the first championship game of the season. They were up against some serious cagers in the Lady Bobcats of Summers County who are noted for their hoop busting ability. However, that did nothing to intimidate the Lady Panthers as the game was back and forth with both teams burning the kicks on the hardwood. It was yet another example of great basketball from two great teams who basically schooled each other for four periods. The Lady Panthers had a hard time stopping the Lady Bobcats big money player Brandy Morrison who pounded the boards with 36 points.


Katelyn Horrocks once again led the hoop attack for the Lady Panthers with a solid 16 points. As the four periods came to a halt, the game was locked in a tie and had to go into double overtime to settle the score for this tournament. It ended with the Lady Bobcats coming out on top 73-78. It was a great game that could have gone either way.
Two of the Lady Panthers were wined and dined afterwards and claimed the All-Tournament awards; Katelyn Horrocks and McKinzee Barker were those deserving players. Congratulations to the Lady Panthers! Now, it is on to the game against Sissonville Thursday night. If you get a little chilled and feel a cold coming on, it is probably basketball fever and the only known cure is Panther, Lady Panther, Mustang and Lady Mustang basketball. Get to a game and you will feel better.