Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2014

Lady Panthers dominate Lady Grizzlies

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McKenzie Barker and Isabelle Haverty congratulate each other.

McKenzie Barker and Isabelle Haverty congratulate each other.

The Lady Panthers were home this week defending their court in a three game siege. First up on their list was the Braxton Knights. This game was over before it started; the Lady Panthers dominated the boards and the court. Their defense was too tough for the Lady Eagles to overcome, and the Lady Panthers took the game to the hoop outscoring the Lady Eagles 53-24. Lighting the matches for the Lady Panthers was sharpshooter McKenzie Barker with 20 points in the game and the second line of offense coming from Katelyn Horrocks with 10 points and Peyton Lucas with nine points.

With that fire put out it was time to let the flood gates loose on the visiting Lady Grizzlies. Early in the season the Lady Grizzlies bested the Lady Panthers, and they took it on the chin. Now it was time for some good old fashioned revenge. The Lady Panthers unleashed a team fury with all the team getting a piece of the action. The Lady Grizzlies were thrown completely off their game with an awesome display of full court defense. Under the boards it was all Clay with Summer Alley, Isabelle Haverty, Bethany Young and Andrea Litton strong arming the rebounds and getting points. On the perimeter it was McKenzie Barker, Katelyn Horrocks, Peyton Lucas, Hailey Ramsey, and Emily Wynn. It was definitely a team effort, and if the Lady Panthers play this way the rest of the year, they will tough to beat. McKenzie Barker was once again the top gun with 19 points, followed closely by Emily Wynn dropping threes like bombs for a total of 13 points . The Ladies laid down a defense that Hitler couldn’t have penetrated.

The Lady Grizzlies tried to rally, but the Lady Panthers proved too much to handle and ran off with the game, defeating the Lady Grizzlies 74-44. This game had all the tension and strain of a great game, ejections, technicals, screaming fans, good calls, bad calls, and fast paced action. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Check your schedules, the Lady Panthers are on fire carrying a 15-3 record and are on the top of their game. It is coming close to the end of the season with five games left in regular season play. Hop on the train and take a ride with your CCHS Lady Panthers.