Well, a fantastic volleyball season for the Lady Panthers has come to an end. They were the first up to play Friday morning in the state tournament and were pitted against the number one team in AA, Oak Glen. It started with a pep rally Thursday afternoon for the Lady Panthers; their state championship run had begun. With all the fans set and the Pit doing their thing, both teams took to the court. In volleyball, mistakes cost you big, and it is who has the least that will be on top. That being said, both the Lady Panthers and Oak Glen seemed to have nerve issues as mistakes on both sides seem to plague them. However, Oak Glen started their bombing run and were setting the kills.
The Lady Panthers were able to get their blocking game going, but it wasn’t enough to win the first game. The second game was a little different – the Lady Panthers came out scoring and so did Oak Glen but mistakes still plagued the Lady Panthers. The third game proved to be the final game. The Lady Panthers were more on their regular game this time and looked to win the game by going ahead of Oak Glen by two. However, a couple of mistakes to a good team like Oak Glen can set you back in a hurry.
The match ended with Oak Glen winning all three games. It has been a great season of ups and downs for the Lady Panthers but mostly ups. Now that they have had a taste for the big court, it is only a matter of time. With all the girls returning but one, they will definitely be state contenders again soon. Congratulations to the Lady Panthers and Coach, Todd Samples for giving the volleyball fans of this county an opportunity to see some of the best volleyball action anywhere and for making it to the top eight teams in the state.