It was the end of a season for one team and a run to the championship for the other in volleyball this past week. After a win at home early in the week, the Lady Mustangs travelled to Nicholas County for the CWVAC Volleyball Championship. The girls were fired up and for good reason – they were to face Geary, the only team they had not defeated in match play all year. However, this was a new court and a new game. The Lady Mustangs came out like a well-oiled machine and picked away at the mighty Geary team with some great defense and pinpoint accuracy with their shots.
When the net stopped shaking, it was the Lady Mustangs on top defeating Geary for the first time this year. All the girls played very well during the tournament. With two wins under their belt, the ladies were in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, in the semi-final match, they were defeated by the girls from Braxton and put in the loser’s bracket to fight their way back to the top. However, it wasn’t meant to be this year. The Lady Mustangs ended the season placing third in the CWVAC division – not bad at all.
Congratulations to all the girls and to their coach Gail Simons for a great year. Also, playing above and beyond the call of duty were Erica Boggs and Maddie Boggs who both received the All Conference award and Maddie added the All-Tournament award to the list. Way to go Lady Mustangs!